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    Evolution of road bike technology: The Aernario Frame design is extended further with the latest disc brake performance. Wet brake problems and overheating are a thing of the past. A complete Ground-up redesign using bolt-through axles front and rear, reworked seat stays and fork require less carbon fibres due to the extra stiffness of the axles. Combined with the exceptional aero tube and fork shape make a full bike weight of just 6.3kgs

    Whilst there are a number of road bike brands including disc brake versions to their line, Markus Storck’s approach to this new concept of disc brakes on road bikes is typically Storck Engineered. Using the exceptional performance of the Aernario frame, Markus started with a hollow bolt through axle design (rather than QR) due to the extra stiffness they offer. This allows the fork and rear stays to be designed with fewer lays of Carbon Fibre. Rider comfort and vibration dampening is also improved due to the fewer layers of Carbon, ideal for the ‘Endurance’ road bike category.

    Thru Axel Wheels
    Storck have lead the way with Thru Axel road disc bike design since 2013. Since then a number of wheel manufacturers have adopted the 9x100mm front and 10x135mm rear thru axel design (most using end cap adapters). Wheels are now readily available from DT Swiss, ENVE, Industry Nine and American Classic with more coming soon.


    Aernario Disc – Tour

    Storck Aernario Disc – Tour magazine, international edition, 06/2014 TEST WINNER: Road bikes with Disc Brakes "With a very good frame a.. [more]
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