• Aerfast Comp2016

    The all new Aerfast Comp offers out and out race bike performance, at an all new level of affordability. Fast, light and agile the Aerfast comp bikes are perfect for crit racing, or just taking your bike for a burst of energy. The Clean gloss white finish is complimented with internal cable routing to offer a crisp finish and aero advantages.

    Rethink road bike speed, aerodynamics and precision handling. The Aerfast takes aero road bikes to the next level while maintaining the agile and exceptional handling characteristics that Storck have become notorious for. Storck’s use of ‘Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping’ means the down tube profile is narrower at the middle when compared to the top and bottom, reducing the surface area presented to the wind and reducing drag. Hiding the rear brake behind the bottom bracket also allows for more aerodynamic seat stays.

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