​Aernario comp - Bikeradar

Aernario comp - Bikeradar 8/10 "a supremely competent package" The Aernario uses ‘Sectional Aerodynamic Tube Shapes’ providing ‘Ground Parallel’ aerodynamics, plus strength and stiffness where required with ‘Vibration Dampening’ for rid..

Aerfast Pro - Bikeradar

Aerfast Pro - Bikeradar 8/10 "A uniquely cultured ride that’s smooth as silk but still as fast as lightning" The Aerfast takes the ‘Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping’ that’s used in our Aernario family, and pushes it to the next level. "..

Aerfast Pro - Cycling Plus

Aerfast Pro - Cycling plus / 8/10: A uniquely cultured ride that’s smooth as silk but still as fast as lightning The Storck Aerfast Pro was chosen as the cover story for the February edition of Cycling Plus as part of their..

Aernario Disc - Cycling Weekly

Aernario Disc – Cycling Weekly, July 3, 2014 9/10 – “When it comes to stiffness, The Aernario really is a great machine…. Stiff enough to transfer power well and yet doesn’t beat the rider over every road imperfect..

Aernario Disc - Cyclist Magazine

Aernario Disc – Cyclist Magazine, July 2014 “The Storck Aernario Disc is one of the most advanced road bikes on the planet" Cyclist magazine have previously reviewed the Storck Aernario G1 over a long term test, now they’v..

Aernario Disc – Tour

Storck Aernario Disc – Tour magazine, international edition, 06/2014 TEST WINNER: Road bikes with Disc Brakes "With a very good frame and great equipment, this is our other overall test winner. Uncompromising athletes with stretched ou..

Aernario G1 –

Storck Aernario Review –, Australia “93/100 - My experience with the Aernario will serve as a new benchmark, not just for the bikes I review but also for my cycling. This bike is now the definition of responsivenes..

Aernario G1 - Cyclist Magazine

Storck Aernario Review – Cyclist Magazine “The Aernario oozes class and precision, it’s a great all-rounder that won’t pound you as much as you’ll want to pound it out on the road.” Stu Bowers o..

Aernario Platinum - Cyclingweekly

Aernario Platinum - Cyclingweekly 9/10 I get to ride some pretty amazing bikes in this job, but this one tops the lot. The Aernario Platinum is the ultimate all-rounder. "I never realised just how good a bike could be until..

Aernario Platinum –

Storck Aernario Platinum – "The Storck Aernario Platinum is an astonishingly good bike. Light, stiff, comfortable - it's all of them. If only the best will do, this could be the bike for you." Mat Brett’s review of the A..

Aernario Platinum Edition - Tour

“The best bike in the world” Germanys Tour magazine tests have almost become an industry standard and are recognised worldwide as the most thorough in-depth analysis of a road bike. For the past 10 years a Storck frame set has won the annual..

Aernario Signature - Cyclist

Storck Aernario Signature - Cyclist Cyclist magazine got up close and personal with one of Markus Storck’s Aernario Signature Edition bikes this month. The feature includes an interview with Markus and some stunningly detailed shots of no ..

Aernario Signature Edition – Tour International

Aernario Signature Edition – Tour International 2014 TEST WINNER: BEST OVERALL BIKE 2014 “The frame completed the test program in TOUR’s laboratory with the best total result EVER achieved – 1.2” Tour maga..

Aero 2 IS - 220 Triathlon

“The Aero 2 IS is a joy to ride, one of the best TT bikes we’ve ever tested” The Aero2 IS has proven its performance levels in the hands of Farris al Sultan, but now 220 Triathlon magazine’s Nik Cook has put it throug..

Cyclist Mag visit Storck HQ

Cyclist Mag visit Storck HQ Issue 31 of Cyclist magazine features a 7 page interview with Markus Storck at Storck HQ in Idstein, Germany. The feature includes an in depth interview with Markus Storck to find out what makes him tick and the s..

Durnario Platinum -

Durnario Platinum - 8/10 "Stunningly light endurance ride with race bike handling that doesn't fail to impress" The Durnario Platinum is the ultimate endurance bike.Be it Marathon, Transalp or Paris-Roubaix, the Durnario is ..

Fascenerio.3 -

Fascenerio.3 - "New carbon-fibre superbike puts in a remarkable performance" The Fascenario.3 builds on the greatest achievements of the Storck developments and impresses with features that elevate the road bike to an all-new level..

Fenomalist G2 -

9/10 - Phenomenal speed, phenomenal handling, phenomenal looking… Fast, light and deeply purposeful, the Storck Fenomalist is a high-speed blast!” The Fenomalist is a light weight performance frameset, something we knew w..

Rebel Nine - Bikeradar

Rebel Nine - Bikeradar 8/10 "Superbly executed take on the classic racing hardtail format" The Rebel 9 (29er) is a Combination of years of experience in Carbon Fibre frame design and production. It features tapered Head tube (1 1/8th to..

Rebel Seven – What Mountain Bike

Rebel Seven – What Mountain Bike, May 2014 “explosively powerful, laser-guided race and fast trail weapon.” What mountain bike get their hands on the Storck Rebel Seven mountain bike for a full review. Clearly captivated w..

Scenero Disc - Bikeradar

Scenero Disc - Bikeradar 8/10 "The Scenero is up there with the best racy disc-equipped road bikes" Popular with triathletes, endurance and tour riders, the Scenero has proven it’s self with numerous best bike awards and results. "Th..

Scenero Disc - Cycling Plus

Scenero Disc - Cycling plus / 8/10: Top-tier disc-equipped road bike: Firm, fast and with first-rate brakes The exclusive first ride of the incredibly exciting Storck Scenero Disc went to the team at Cycling Plus. Previous..

Scenero G2 – 220 Triathlon

BEST OF TEST: Scenero G2 White with Ultegra “At race pace, above race pace and sprints, the Scenero made us feel right at home” The Storck Scenero G2 wins head to head £3k bike test against Bianchi with 220 Triathlon magazine. 220 Tri..

Scenero G2 - Cycling Plus

BEST RACE BIKE - 9/10 The cycling plus Bike of the Year review is one of the most highly anticipated reviews of the year. Reviewing 40 of the best road bikes priced between £1500 and £2000 and the competition this year was fierce...

Scentron G2 – Cycling Weekly

9/10 – great handling and very well designed bike, ideal for sportives or just long-distance fast riding. Earlier this year we sent Cycling Weekly their first Storck to test, a Scentron with Ultegra di2. Daniel Baines’ first ride ..

T.I.X –

T.I.X – Scintillating acceleration, super stiff frame and fork and all the hydraulic disc benefits, Storck's first cyclo-cross bike is a top performer managed to grab a worldwide exclusive first ride of the incredibly ..

T.I.X. –

T.I.X. – The T.I.X. managed to turn every bit of effort we could put into the pedals into forward motion. And it did so without beating the rider up too much…. acceleration of the bike is what really stands out after a c..

T.I.X. Pro G1 - Bikeradar

T.I.X. Pro - Bikeradar The T.I.X has been designed with Directional Depending Stiffness. This gives the frame exceptional handling while providing incredible levels of comfort for when it’s bumpy. The T.I.X Pro being tested by Oli Woodman, B..

TIX - Tour

Test Winner: Best complete Cyclo Cross bike “Strikingly good power transfer. Storck has done everything right here.” The Storck TIX (This Is Cross) has proven its self again in the toughest of tests. November 2014’s Tour magazine group tes..

Visioner Alloy - Tour

Storck Visioner Alloy – Tour magazine, international edition, December 2014 TEST WINNER: Aluminium Road Bikes with Shimano 105 “Aluminium frame with high-end appearance, built with high-quality equipment.” Tour magazine has a long his..

Visioner C G2 – Cycling Plus

9/10: A Rapid bike with very, very reactive handling Cycling Plus have a first ride review of The Storck Visioner C G2 with 105 group set in the July 2015 issue. The first ride review goes into great detail about what makes the Visioner C G2..

Visioner C G2 –

9/10: The frameset is absolutely beautiful…Comfortable and full of performance isn't always easy to pull off. The Storck Visioner C G2 with 105 groupset receives a stunning review from Stu at The first review of the Storck V..

Visioner CSL - Cyclist

The Visioner CSL is a difficult bike to fault Cyclist magazine feature the first UK review of the Visioner CSL frameset, and it takes journalist James Spender by surprise. James has previously tested the Storck Aernario disc (Read that revie..
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