Aernario Platinum Edition - Tour

“The best bike in the world”

Germanys Tour magazine tests have almost become an industry standard and are recognised worldwide as the most thorough in-depth analysis of a road bike. For the past 10 years a Storck frame set has won the annual group test of elite frames. Last years Fascenario 0.6 was the rated a score of 1.8 (on a scale where the closer to 1.0 the better) which was the highest in Tours 20 year history, but that’s all changed. The Aernario Platinum edition frameset has been given a score of 1.1, the best result ever.

"The Tour test results are sensational. Storck‘s Aernario Platinum delivers best results in every test fields: a dream weight, top-comfort and super stiffness. Normally conflicting elements such as high comfort as well high lateral rigidity have been achieved due to the development by Storck. The Storck Aernario frame set (excluding the aerodynamic rating) receives Tour Magazines best ever score in their 20 years history – 1.1. With the aerodynamic score included the frame set achieves a score of 1.5, another Tour winning result! In fact, the Aernario Platinum is the best frame set of the world."

We’ve translated the review in the below pdf, so you can read how the tests are done and compare the Aernario Platinum’s results against its competitors.