Aernario Platinum - Cyclingweekly

Aernario Platinum - Cyclingweekly

9/10 I get to ride some pretty amazing bikes in this job, but this one tops the lot. 

The Aernario Platinum is the ultimate all-rounder.

"I never realised just how good a bike could be until I rode the Storck Aernario Platinum." 

The Aernario Platinum tested by Henry Robertshaw, cyclingweekly, was equipped with Dura-Ace Di2 and Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayers.
"Of course, with a total weight of less than 6kg, it’s a dream on the hills: more than once I found myself riding up a what I thought was a steady rise, only to glance down at my Garmin to see the gradient in double figures."

 You can read the full review on cyclingweekly now:

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