​Aernario comp - Bikeradar

Aernario comp - Bikeradar

8/10 "a supremely competent package"

The Aernario uses ‘Sectional Aerodynamic Tube Shapes’ providing ‘Ground Parallel’ aerodynamics, plus strength and stiffness where required with ‘Vibration Dampening’ for rider comfort. The bike tested by Matthew Allen, Bikeradar, was equip[ed with an Ultegra groupset and DT Swiss carbon clinchers.

"Beefy construction at both ends of the bike imparts formidable stiffness, and it rewards an aggressive riding style. Attacking climbs out of the saddle is immensely satisfying, with the unyielding rear triangle a reliable ally as you muscle your way up."

"Heading downhill things are equally encouraging; the ride is moderately firm, but road buzz is well controlled, while big hits from proper potholes do little to threaten the Aernario’s composure. For such a racy ride it’s remarkably unruffled by the dreaded cattle grid test too, skimming over with abandon."

You can read the full review on bikeradar.com now: http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/category/bikes/road/product/storck-aernario-comp-review-50703/