Aerfast Pro - Bikeradar

Aerfast Pro - Bikeradar

8/10 "A uniquely cultured ride that’s smooth as silk but still as fast as lightning" 

The Aerfast takes the ‘Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping’ that’s used in our Aernario family, and pushes it to the next level.

"The Aerfast is a brilliant ride: it’s urgent, light and agile, with the sort of comfort some endurance bikes can only dream of. If you’re looking for something a little different that’ll produce epic speed and look after you all day long, this might be for you."

The Aerfast tested by Robin Wilmott, Bikeradar, is equipped with Ultegra Di2 and DT Swiss RC38C wheels.

"Along with the bar, the rear end multitasks, providing great power transfer while preventing incessant surface imperfections from reaching your posterior. It corners with assurance, it’s superbly easy to place wherever you want and changes line without drama. Uphill, the Aerfast is a match for the best climbers, its low mass and racy wheelset ensuring rapid height gain too." 

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